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South Australia Election March 2010

Victor P Taffa

South Australia Opposition Leader Isobel Redmond has vowed to dramatically improve the State’s economic performance by raising land tax threshold rates thus ensuring that almost 57,000 South Australians will not pay any land tax should her Liberal team win the March 2010 State election.

Shadow Treasurer Stephen Griffiths has joined with his leader by announcing that from 1 July 2010 a Liberal Government will increase the base land tax threshold from its current level of $110,000 to $250,000.

“This will save all land tax payers, both residential and business up to $420 p.a. Under the change, almost 57,000 land tax payers will no longer pay any land tax. The estimated net cost to the budget (excluding land tax paid on Government owned property) is $31 Million p.a.” Mr. Griffiths said.

In announcing the policy Isobel Redmond set out the case for change by comparing land tax rates for South Australia against that of the other five States.


Land Tax Payable on Selected Property Values ($), 2009-10

Land Value SA             NSW                    Vic              Qld             WA             Tas

150,000      120              0                               0                  0                  0                  738

300,000      570              0                           375              0                  0.1               563

500,000      1,770         2,356                    775              0                  200            4,838

1,000,000   11,420       10,356              2,975           4,500           700          16,088

1,500,000   29,920        18,356             6,975         12,750        3,200         28,588

2,000,000   48,420        26,356           11,975        21,000        5,700        41,088

2,500,000   66,920        34,356            18,475       29,250        10,600      53,588

3,000,000   85,420        42,356            24,975       37,500       17,100      66,088


Source: 2008-09 State Budgets and State Revenue Offices


SA Shadow Treasurer Stephen Griffiths

SA Shadow Treasurer Stephen Griffiths








”This hinders our interstate competitiveness for prospective migrants and businesses. South Australians pay the highest land tax of all states for most of the land values listed. This cannot be allowed to continue.” Ms. Redmond said.

A State election is looming for March 2010 and Premier Mike Rann has in recent months come under attack for matters that are now before the courts.

The most recent opinion poll results show the following:

Two Party preferred:

Labor                             53%

Liberal                           47%

The current makeup of the South Australian Parliament is as follows:


Party                                        Seats Held

Labor                                                28

Liberal                                              15

National                                             1

Independent                                    3

Total:                                             47


For Redmond’s Liberal team to take the treasury benches from Labor would require a turnover of no less than 11 seats in order to obtain a working majority on the floor of the House of Assembly.

Under existing political arrangements the National’s lone MP Kaylene Maywald serves as Minister for River Murray in the Rann Cabinet.


SA Premier Mike Rann

SA Premier Mike Rann







Premier Mike Rann is reported to have said that the Liberal’s tax plan is: “Unaffordable and irresponsible.”

The Liberal leader will face enormous hurdles to win the seats required as National issues such as the Carbon Emissions Trading Tax Scheme occupies the minds of voters.


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