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South Australia Opposition Leader Isobel Redmond

$114 Million To Deliver Safer City & Safer Roads

Victor P Taffa

South Australians will be safer with a Redmond Liberal Government’s commitment to provide 300 extra Police with 50 permanently stationed in Adelaide’s CBD.

The increased Police presence – part of a series of initiatives announced by Opposition Leader Isobel Redmond for ‘A Safer City’ is in addition to a state-wide Motorcycle Road Safety Taskforce of 40 motorcycle Police officers who will patrol metropolitan and country roads as a deterrent to dangerous driving behaviour.

Ms. Redmond said the key to tackling crime and dangerous behaviour was a visible Police presence.

“The effect a visible Police presence has on decreasing violent incidents is proven regularly by ‘Special Operations’ conducted by South Australia Police (SAPOL) which concentrates Police in a specific region.” Ms. Redmond said.


“There has been a noticeable increase in violence within the city’s entertainment areas yet to date calls for a permanent increase of visible Police patrolling the precinct have been ignored by the Rann Government.”

“Police need the resources to deal with crime in our entertainment precincts. That’s why we will provide Police with 500 tasers worn on their belts – not in the boot of their patrol cars where the Rann Government wants to put them.”

“In addition to a greater Police presence in Adelaide’s CDB, the Liberals will also reduce anti-social behaviour by revising legislation to prevent loitering.” Ms. Redmond said.

The Summary Offences Act 1953 will be amended to give Police the power to order people to move on if they are acting in a way that is causing fear or harassment.

If they fail to comply, Police will have the power to arrest and charge them.

SAPOL 2008 figures revealed a 117 % increase in serious assaults in the first three months of the year within the Hindley Street precinct – a greater Police presence and legislation to prevent loitering will help to reduce the incidence of violent behaviour.

“The Motorcycle Road Safety Taskforce will also provide a more visible police presence on our state’s roads to help reduce the tragedy of fatal and serious accidents that occur each year.”

“Tackling the tragedy of our road toll is a whole community effort that requires bold initiatives from government.” Ms. Redmond said.

“Eight years of talking ‘tough on crime’ by Premier Rann has delivered South Australia spiralling violent crime rates with a community fearful of becoming a victim of violence and has failed to address the state’s increasing road toll.”

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