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South Australia Opposition Leader Isobel Redmond

An Open Letter To Ministerial Weatherill:

Victor P Taffa

As a person with almost a decade of Ministerial involvement in the South Australian Parliament, you should be aware of the importance of putting the state before self-interest.

I write this letter of concern in the moment of remarkable turmoil for South Australia.

Our state deserves stability and confidence, but the current climate of instability and distrust is poisonous for South Australia’s future.

Apparently Labor’s powerbrokers have anointed you to succeed the current Premier, Mike Rann, but it now appears you don’t have the courage to finish off your wounded leader.



This appears to be your “deer in the headlights” moment Mr. Rann has called your bluff and you’re now caught between looking weak and insipid and having blood on your hands.

We’re all aware how important this is for you, as you have always said you would never challenge for the Premier’s job. You’d rather it be delivered to you by Labor’s faceless unionists.

South Australians deserve more from their leaders.

Now is your moment to put South Australia first and do what is right – finish off what you and Labor’s unions started. It is the only way to restore confidence and stability in our state.

If Mr. Rann is allowed to continue on for a couple of months to achieve his own personal milestones, then your Labor Government is putting the self-interest of an individual before the interests of our state.

After all, why should Mr. Rann is entitled to surpass John Bannon’s record as Labor’s longest serving Premier for no other reason than his personal legacy?

It is time to put South Australia first and do what’s right to restore confidence and stability.

Kind Regards,


Leader of the Opposition

Parliament of South Australia


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