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Western Australia Minister for Agriculture and Food Terry Redman

Labor Throws Pastoralists To The Dogs

Victor P Taffa

The State Opposition has revealed it does not support Royalties for Regions funds being used to tackle the wild dog problem in Western Australia’s Pastoral Regions.

During Budget estimates hearings last night, Pilbara MLA Tom Stephens attacked the State Government for allocating $4.8 Million in Royalties for Regions funds to upgrade the State Barrier Fence and employ more doggers.

Agriculture and Food Minister Terry Redman said Mr. Stephens claimed the administration of the State Barrier Fence and wild dog control should be part of normal government expenditure.



“What Mr. Stephens fails to appreciate is that ‘normal government expenditure’ under the previous Labor government failed to go anywhere near addressing the problem.” Mr. Redman said.

“Royalties for Regions were created to tackle serious problems in country areas that Labor was either unwilling or unable to deal with.”

“The State Barrier Fence has two major gaps in it which the Labor government did nothing about.”

“They let the fence fall into disrepair and the dog problem became totally out of control.” Mr. Redman said.

“The Royalties for Regions funding is to plug the gaps and upgrade the entire fence to dog-proof standard.”

“It will also provide the employment of more doggers to curtail the dog population and bring numbers down to a manageable level.” Mr. Redman said.

It is of no surprise that Mr. Redman has criticised the Labor Party on Border Protection for Pastoralists since the Rudd Labor Government has an open door policy on Border Protection.

Given the flood of boat arrivals under the Rudd Government and the 40 % Mining Tax imposed on working people it will not be long before the number of illegal boat arrivals will outnumber the boats with mineral exports.


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