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Victoria Deputy Premier Peter Ryan

Victoria Minister for Police and Emergency Services Peter Ryan

Government To Address Amber Light Timing Issues

Victor P Taffa

The Victorian Coalition Government will accept in principle all four recommendations from Victoria’s independent Road Safety Camera Commissioner’s Report into amber light phasing at eight red light camera intersections.

Deputy Premier and Minister for Police and Emergency Services Peter Ryan released the Commissioner’s report today and said the recommendations would offer a fair outcome for people directly affected by incorrect amber light phasing sequences.

“The Commissioner His Honour Judge Gordon Lewis, was asked to investigate the accuracy of amber light timing at eight red light camera intersections in Melbourne and Geelong after concerns were raised about potential phasing errors.” Mr. Ryan said.

“During the course of his investigation the Commissioner found that errors in the programming of traffic signal control systems and poor communication practices, which first started eight years ago, had led to incorrect amber light phasing at the intersections in question.”

“However, the Commissioner did not find any issues with the accuracy of the red light cameras themselves and in fact emphasised that each of them was operating at the identified standards.”

Mr. Ryan said the Coalition Government would work through the Report’s recommendations with road safety agencies to address the amber light timing issues.

“In line with the Commissioner’s recommendations, the Coalition Government believes it is fair that those individuals that were not afforded the appropriate warning because of the timing error should have their infringements withdrawn. This process will take place over the coming weeks.” Mr. Ryan said.

“The Department of Justice will identify each fine to be withdrawn and each person impacted will be contacted and any amounts to be refunded will happen automatically.”

“VicRoads will also automatically be notified and will remove the relevant demerit points from a drivers’ licence as appropriate.”

Mr. Ryan said the Coalition Government would also undertake work to review legislation and regulations to tighten rules around amber light phasing to ensure the safety of road users.

“This work will need to be conducted with the National Road Rules and national agreements and guidelines.” Mr. Ryan said.

“In implementing these recommendations, the Coalition Government’s principle aim is to increase road safety by clarifying and strengthening laws and better educating drivers to stop people illegally running red lights or entering an intersection on an amber light when it is unsafe to do so.”

“Red light cameras are an important feature of Victoria’s road safety network and have contributed significantly to a decrease in the number of fatal and serious accidents on our roads.”

“The Coalition Government continues to support the use of red light cameras as a component of Victoria’s Road Safety Camera System and as an important deterrent to unsafe driving practices and as always I would encourage all drivers to adhere strictly to the road rules when behind the wheel.” Mr. Ryan said.


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