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ACT Opposition Leader Zed Seselja

Zed Welcomes New Members

Victor P Taffa

ACT Opposition Leader Zed Seselja has congratulated the new Members of the eighth Assembly in the ACT.

Mr. Seselja said he congratulates all Members, new and re-elected, and wishes them all success in representing the community that has chosen them to serve.

“I congratulate all Members who have been elected and in particular my team.” Mr. Seselja said today.

“Not only have we gained two new Members but every single one of our Party Room has been re-elected to serve another term.”

“I particularly congratulate Mr. Andrew Wall, a small businessman from Tuggeranong who earned his place through sheer use of shoe leather and an exceptional willingness to work. He is an absolute testament to the triumph of the grass roots campaign.”

“As well as Mrs Giulia Jones, a working mum from Weston Creek who earned her place through tenacity that spanned years. This is the third time Giulia has put her name forward. Now Giulia with a G, candidate for Molonglo, is Mrs. Giulia Jones, Member of the Legislative Assembly.”

“I look forward to Mrs. Jones and Mr. Wall being part of the strongest Liberal party team in the Territory’s history.” Mr. Seselja said.


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