Rates Of Female Offenders For Theft And Drugs Up

Rates Of Female Offenders For Theft And Drugs Up

Australian Bureau Of Statistics

Theft And Drugs Behind Rise In Female Offenders

Victor P Taffa

Number of female offenders increased by 5 % (4,957 offenders) in 2015–16, according to figures released today by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

ABS Director of Crime and Justice Statistics, William Milne, said that by contrast, male offenders increased by only 49 offenders, or less than 1 %.

“Theft was the most prevalent principal offence for females, while the largest increases in female offender numbers were for Theft (up 12 %), Illicit drug offences (up 8 %) and Acts intended to cause injury (up 6 %).” Mr. Milne said.

“The number of female offenders proceeded against for Illicit drug offences have almost doubled since the beginning of the time series in 2008–09.”

Despite the increase in female offenders in 2015–16, there were more than three times as many male offenders (323,949) as females (97,304).