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South Australia Opposition Leader Isobel Redmond

Labor’s Legacy Of Lavishness

Victor P Taffa

Documents obtained under Freedom of Information by the Liberal Opposition have revealed that former Premier Rann spent over $100,000 before GST on fit-outs to his State Admin Centre office and adjacent space in the months following the 2010 election.

This money was spent around the time of former Treasurer Foley’s last budget where he cut public sector entitlements.

Before GST, Rann’s spend included:

  •  26 Tasman leather chairs valued at almost $800 each
  • $2,580 for new shelves
  • Costs for moving a framed ‘Lance Armstrong Guernsey’ from one wall to another
  • $546 for a security guard stationed to oversee people doing the work in the Premier’s office.
  • Almost $10,000 worth of painting in the Premier’s office
  • Over $7,000 for the Premier’s office meeting table
  • Over $11,000 worth of AV equipment
  • Almost $7,000 worth of blinds
  • Almost $4,000 for a custom made cabinet
  • $1,480 for a custom made coffee table
  • 2 x custom made lamp tables valued at $890 each
  • 6 x leather lounge chairs worth almost $2,000 each

Earlier this year, Premier Weatherill also announced a re-fit to his State Admin Centre office at a cost of $160,000 to ‘consolidate operations spread over two floors’.

“That will be two taxpayer funded office re-fits to the Premier’s office in two years at the same time that South Australians are struggling with increasing cost of living pressures.” Liberal Leader Isobel Redmond said.

“This is just another example of waste and financial mismanagement from this Labor Government over the last ten years.”

“They continually demonstrate the wrong priorities. How can they undertake this extravagance and then justify funding cuts to organisations such as St. John Ambulance?”

“I can assure South Australians that no such waste will occur under a Redmond Liberal Government.” Ms. Redmond said.


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