Rann Labor Supports Industry Destroying Carbon Tax

Rann Labor Supports Industry Destroying Carbon Tax

South Australia Opposition Leader Isobel Redmond

SA Labor Backs Carbon Tax

Victor P Taffa

South Australian Labor has publicly backed the Federal Government’s great big tax on carbon.

In Parliament today Leader of the Opposition Isobel Redmond asked Treasurer Jack Snelling what representations he has made or will he be making, to the Prime Minister about the cost of living impacts of the federal government’s carbon tax on South Australians.

 “Despite admitting he had no made representations to the Federal Government about the cost of living impact on South Australian families and that he was still waiting on more detail to be made public Treasurer Snelling said:

 “We stand shoulder to shoulder with the Federal Government.”

 “Labor is signing South Australians up to yet another tax burden, without even knowing the full cost impact.” Ms. Redmond said.

 “After almost a decade of this Labor Government SA has become the highest taxing state in the nation.”

 “Labor’s carbon tax will add more pain to already stretched household budgets.” Ms. Redmond said.

 “This Labor Government will not stand up for the needs of South Australian families.”

 “SA Labor is blindly following its Federal counterparts without even bothering to find out if it is in the best interests of SA families, businesses or pensioners.” Ms. Redmond said.