Rann Government Racked By Division

Rann Government Racked By Division

South Australia Shadow Treasurer Iain Evans

Foley Ropes In Leadership Rival Weatherill

Victor P Taffa

In a not too subtle Public Campaign, Premiership Hopeful Treasurer Kevin Foley is roping his Leadership Rival Minister Jay Weatherill into sharing the blame for Treasurer Foley’s Unpopular Budget.

Having already told Parliament that Cabinet was unanimous in its support for the Budget, Treasurer Foley told radio today:

“What I find amusing, particularly coming from left wing unions and the … almost fear exterior of the PSA and the Left, what people don’t realise was the work of Jay Weatherill and myself.”
(891 ABC, 11/11/10)


He went further and said:

“Team mates on this budget that everything we did, including issues to do with workplace reform, both Jay and I did together. Jay was quite comfortable in every decision that we took, in fact supported and put forward some of the initiatives that have been controversial since.”
(891 ABC, 11/11/10)

Treasurer Foley’s strategy is clear he is sending a message to the Unions and to the Labor caucus that Minister Weatherill is no different to Treasurer Foley.

The Treasurer also exposed Minister Weatherill’s own decision to backflip on the Budget decision regarding Adult Re-entry cuts when a spokeswoman for the Treasurer said:

“There have not been any changes discussed with the Treasurer.”
(The Advertiser, 03/11/10, p.3)

“This is an obvious tactic in Treasurer Foley’s Campaign for Leadership.” Shadow Treasurer Iain Evans said.

“One minute its Treasurer Foley’s Budget, but now he’s saying all the Budget cuts are Minister Weatherill’s fault too.”

“It’s not KFol’s Budget it’s now JayFol’s Budget!” Mr. Evans said.