Ram Raids Shows How Soft On Law And Order The Andrews Govt Is

Ram Raids Shows How Soft On Law And Order The Andrews Govt Is

Victoria Shadow Minister for Corrections Edward O’Donohue

What’s The Point When Prisons Have Revolving Doors?

Victor P Taffa

It doesn’t matter how many prison beds Labor talks about because criminals keep ending up back on our streets, Shadow Minister for Corrections Edward O’Donohue said.

“Ongoing vehicle ram raids of innocent people show how out of touch the Andrews Government is.” Mr. O’Donohue said.

“These ram raids illustrates how soft on law and order the Andrews Government is.”

“Whether its escapes, riots, bail or parole, under Premier Daniel Andrews criminals always seem to get out.”

Our justice system remains in crisis with record breaches and reoffending by violent sex offenders and a bail system in chaos.

Under Premier Daniel Andrews our sentencing system is broken. Violent criminals continue to be let off the hook and back out on the streets to reoffend.

It’s no wonder when Premier Daniel Andrews own justice team isn’t even committed to their own policy. As his now Corrections Minister said:

“Prison system is using an exorbitant amount of public funds, and as Victorian prisons continue to operate far beyond their capacity the question has to be asked: will this government continue its simplistic approach to crime and the court system by expanding prisons and allocating more public funds to them?” – Minister for Corrections Gayle Tierney, Hansard

“Liberal and Nationals have a plan to crack down on bail, introduce the toughest mandatory sentences for repeat violent offenders and put victims of crime at the centre of the justice system.” Mr. O’Donohue said.