Railway Expansion Is Good For Tasmania

Railway Expansion Is Good For Tasmania

Tasmania Deputy Opposition Leader Jeremy Rockliff

Tasmania Shadow Minister for Small Business Adam Brooks

Government Must Get Coastal Tourist Railway On Track

Victor P Taffa

The Don River Railway’s proposed coastal heritage railway should not be another opportunity lost due to the inaction of the Green-Labor Government, Braddon Liberal Members Jeremy Rockliff and Adam Brooks have thrown their support behind the proposal and called on the Government to work positively to make it happen.

“We will be meeting with Don River Railway representatives today to discuss the proposal and look forward to seeing how we can be of assistance, Deputy Opposition Leader Jeremy Rockliff said.


“The idea of running tourist trains along the north-west coast from Devonport to Wynyard is not a new one, but what is disappointing is that it has remained merely talk for so long.”

“The fact that the Legislative Council review into Tasmanian tourism included this initiative among its key recommendations should give new impetus to it becoming a reality.” Mr. Rockliff said.

“The Government needs to focus not on the obstacles that stand in the way but on how to make this work, Shadow Minister for Small Business Adam Brook said.

“There are many train buffs that would come from afar to go on this journey, enjoying not only a travel back in time but also the beauty of our coastal scenery.

“The north-west desperately needs ventures like this to give tourists more reasons to come and stay longer.” Mr. Brooks said.

TAS Shadow Minister for Small Business Adam Brooks

TAS Shadow Minister for Small Business Adam Brooks








Rail Ferry To Tasmania:

Operating trains from Devonport to Wynyard will be good for Tasmania. Trains should not stop at Wynyard either. Every major Town and City in Tasmania should be connected by dual Broad-Narrow Gauge duplicated and electrified Railways from a Rail Ferry that would operate from the Williamstown Line in Victoria.

State-Wide Rail Ferry Railway Lines Includes:

  • Devonport-Wynyard
  • Wynyard-Smithton
  • Smithton-Waratah
  • Waratah-Zeehan
  • Zeehan-Queenstown
  • Queenstown-Hobart
  • Hobart-Ross
  • Ross-St. Marys
  • St. Marys-Launceston
  • Launceston-Devonport
  • Devonport-Rail Ferry to Melbourne

The big advantage for Tasmania to have a Broad Gauge Rail Ferry is so that freight and passenger movements can proceed between South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania. A Rail Ferry will bring down the cost of transporting freight and in turn the cost of every item purchased in Tasmania.