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Northern Territory Minister for Transport Adam Giles

Full Steam Ahead With Rail Reforms

Victor P Taffa

Transport Minister Adam Giles has moved the Rail Safety (National Uniform Legislation) Bill 2012 in the Northern Territory Parliament to cut red tape and costs for rail operators and improve productivity and safety for the rail industry.

Mr. Giles said as of 20 January 2013, rail regulation in the Northern Territory will be undertaken by the National Rail Regulator.

In time, the National Regulator will assume responsibility for rail regulation throughout Australia. This effectively allows industry to deal with one regulator, rather than eight.

“By having a single National Regulator operators will no longer have to apply for accreditation in each jurisdiction in which they operate.” Mr. Giles said.

“This means rail operators will not need to abide by several different laws or pay multiple fees for what is essentially the same activity.”

“This is great news for Territory rail operators as they move to a national regulator. It will deliver savings both in terms of time and money, through improved productivity.”

“It also opens the door to providing incentives for interstate rail operators to service the NT through an open access regime.”

Mr. Giles said the national regulator will be based in Adelaide, however a permanent staffing presence will be retained in the Territory.

He said the Northern Territory will retain its safety policy role and will, through representation on national committees, ensure that the needs of the Territory rail industry and Territorians are maintained.

Changes to the Northern Territory’s existing laws will include improving the standard of Rail Safety workers by ensuring training is undertaken in accordance with the Australia Quality Training framework.

“These changes will contribute to a more robust rail industry with consistent laws throughout the country.” Mr. Giles said.


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