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South Australia Shadow Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Vickie Chapman

New Seaford Line Will Still Have Diesel Trains

Victor P Taffa

Some commuters on the new Seaford rail line will not be getting shiny new trains as promised when their train line opens early next year.


The embarrassing admission that diesel trains would still be operating when electric services start next year was made by Transport Minister Koutsantonis in Parliament yesterday.


The news is a further blow to commuters in the southern suburbs who have been without train services since the end of last year.


Shadow Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Vickie Chapman said the admission was further evidence the government had botched the rail electrification project.


“It is not hard to organize to have trains ready when the network opens.” Ms. Chapman said.


“Minister Koutsantonis needs to explain to people in the southern suburbs why they are going to have a lucky dip of new and used trains next year.”


“The Government has ordered too many trains for the Seaford line and yet there will not be enough ready when the line opens!”Ms. Chapman said.


Rail Electrification benefits include:


  • Improved Rail Services
  • Rail Services operating at a lower cost per service
  • Continuously operating services


Electric Trains operate in Sydney and Melbourne. Commuters have enjoyed the benefits of electrification for many years and decades.


The Rann Labor Government promised to electrify Adelaide’s Rail Network and the Weatherill Labor Government has backed away from this promise or seemingly made a mess of delivering electrification.


The sooner Adelaide’s Rail Network is fully electrified the better for commuters.





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