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South Australia Shadow Minister for Transport Vickie Chapman

Delaying Rail Electrification Will Cost Public

Victor P Taffa

Public transport ticket prices may be significantly increased to deal with increased Carbon Tax payments if the Treasurer delays the electrification of Adelaide’s rail services in the State Budget tomorrow.

Rumours have been circulating that the Labor Government will delay the electrification project to push capital expenditure in to future years.

The Opposition is extremely concerned about the impact a delay will have on public transport given Transport Services Minister Chloe Fox has already said ticket prices will go up when the Carbon Tax commences.

“If Treasurer Snelling delays the rail electrification the public will be hit with increased Carbon Tax payments.” Opposition transport spokeswoman Vickie Chapman said.

“We will be forced to deal with an outdated service for longer and will be paying even more for that service.”

“Any delay to the electrification will hurt commuters and that is unacceptable.”

“Minister Fox needs to explain how much it will cost taxpayers if the Treasurer delays the electrification.” Ms. Chapman said.


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