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Queensland Opposition Leader John-Paul Langbroek

Labor’s Tax Review A Blatant Tax Grab

Victor P Taffa

Labor’s much heralded Henry Tax Review has missed the opportunity for tax reform and is simply a massive tax grab according to Queensland Opposition Leader John-Paul Langbroek.

Opposition Leader John-Paul Langbroek said Labor had promised a ‘root and branch’ review of the tax and transfer system in Australia but had instead delivered a blatant tax grab.

“This is not a reform of the tax system, this is a blatant tax grab to support Labor’s uncontrolled spending and Queensland will be the big loser.” Mr. Langbroek said.

“Labor’s big new tax on the mining sector will snuff out Queensland resources boom.”


“This big new tax is not just about fixing Anna Bligh’s mistakes; it is also about fixing up the mistakes of the economically incompetent NSW Government.”

“Queensland will now lose its mining royalties and Labor’s big new tax on mining profits will be siphoned off to prop up other economically incompetent Labor governments in other states.” Mr. Langbroek said.

Mr. Langbroek said Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Treasurer Wayne Swan seemed hell-bent on undermining Queensland’s fiscal independence.

“Not only have Queenslanders had to hand over 30 % of their GST revenue to pay for Labor’s health system, they now appear set to lose $8.8 Billion worth of royalties from the state’s mining sector.” Mr. Langbroek said.

“The extra tax on mining profits could sound the death knell for Queensland’s mining boom and the state’s principal economic driver, the mining sector.”

“Our markets will simply look elsewhere for their minerals to countries with less punitive tax regimes.” Mr. Langbroek said.

“The mining sector should also be wary of any promises of financial offsets to refund state royalties, because Labor has a track record of lying about taxation.”

“Queenslanders cannot believe one word Rudd, Swan or Bligh say about taxation except they will always grab the opportunity to increase taxes whenever and wherever they can.” Mr. Langbroek said.


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