Queensland Sold For 30 Pieces Of Silver

Queensland Sold For 30 Pieces Of Silver

Queensland Shadow Minister for Industrial Relations Jann Stuckey

Unions Must Give $385,000 QR Fine To Workers Not Labor

Victor P Taffa

The Queensland State Opposition has challenged Union Bosses to guarantee the reduced fine of $385,000 imposed on Queensland Rail goes into workers pockets and not into Labor’s coffers to help re-elect Anna Bligh and her Toxic Government.

Shadow Minister for Industrial Relations Jann Stuckey welcomed the Federal Court Ruling but warned unions not to use the financial windfall to help re-elect Labor.

“This court ruling is the final proof Bligh and Labor’s fire sale of assets has been nothing but a cash grab from a Government that went broke in a boom.” Ms. Stuckey said.

Ms. Stuckey said the Unions should have immediately cut ties with Labor after the Privatisation lie was revealed, but instead have continued to pump millions into their coffers.

“At the last State Election, the union bosses spent almost $3 Million of their members’ money helping get Anna Bligh re-elected.”

“If the Union Bosses are serious about stopping Privatisation, they should apologise for backing Labor at the last election and immediately withdraw financial and other support.” Ms. Stuckey said.

“The $385,000 the Unions will receive as a result of the fine imposed on Queensland Rail needs to be dispersed to Union Members, not just put into a war chest to help get Labor re-elected.”

“It’s time Union Bosses made saving the jobs of workers a higher priority than saving the jobs of Anna Bligh and her Labor mates.” Ms. Stuckey said.