Queensland Police Service Awards 2019

Queensland Police Service Awards 2019

Queensland Minister for Police Mark Ryan

Officers Decorated At Townsville District Medal Ceremony

Victor P Taffa

Minister for Police Mark Ryan joined Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll today in congratulating Queensland Police Service officers and staff members at the Townsville District medal presentation ceremony held at the Cathedral School of St. Anne and St. James.

Medals and awards ceremony acknowledged the accomplishments of Queensland Police Service officers and staff members in relation to significant events.

Minister Ryan said that all award recipients exhibited professionalism and a strong commitment to the community.

“Today’s recipients display a high level of dedication to duty that gives the Queensland public continued confidence in their Policing service.” Minister Ryan said.

“They are a credit to the community that they serve.”

6 members were presented with the National Police Service Medal which acknowledges past and future commitment to ethical and diligent service.

Following officers received the National Police Service Medal:

  • Senior Sergeant Dean Cavanagh,
  • Senior Sergeant John Todd,
  • Sergeant Leigh James,
  • Detective Senior Constable Heather Gordon,
  • Senior Constable William Layt,
  • Senior Constable Sherrene Watterson.

2nd Clasp

Senior Sergeant Kylee Haydon was awarded the QPS 2nd Clasp to National Medal.

35-year Clasp

Inspector Roger Whyte was awarded his 35-year Clasp to the QPS National Medal.

30-year Clasp

Senior Sergeant Brett Humphreys and Senior Sergeant Darren Randall received their 30-year Clasp to the QPS National Medal.

15-year Clasp

Senior Constable Julen Uriarte and Constable Matthew Woodham received their 15-year Clasp to the QPS National Medal.

QPS Medal

Following were awarded the QPS Medal:

  • Senior Constable Vasili Kalligeros,
  • Senior Constable John Matthews,
  • Senior Constable Joel Whittred,
  • Senior Constable David York,
  • Constable Woodham,
  • Mrs. Samantha Orrin.

Constable Woodham also received the QPS Bravery Medal.

Commissioner’s Certificates

Following received Commissioner’s Certificates:

  • Sergeant Matthew Pegg,
  • Sergeant Rebekah Spink,
  • Senior Constable Joseph Harris,
  • Senior Constable Michael Rennie,
  • Mr. Mark Fenlon.

Assistant Commissioner’s Certificate

Following officers received the QPS Assistant Commissioner’s Certificate:

  • Inspector Damien Crosby,
  • Inspector Tyler Crosby,
  • Senior Sergeant Stephen Batterham,
  • Senior Sergeant Cavanagh,
  • Senior Sergeant Mark Hogenelst,
  • Sergeant Nicholas Boyle,
  • Sergeant Douglas Koekemoer,
  • Sergeant Ryan Thompson,
  • Senior Constable Christine Beattie,
  • Senior Constable Roger Brown,
  • Senior Constable Brett Gatehouse,
  • Senior Constable Wade Hastie,
  • Senior Constable Jarrod Townsend,
  • Constable Mark Campbell,
  • Constable Kane Nord,
  • Constable Fraser Northey,
  • Constable William Rose,
  • Constable Shane Smale,
  • Constable Cameron Waters.

District Officer’s Certificate

Following were awarded the QPS District Officer’s Certificate:

  • Senior Constable Watterson,
  • Constable Evan Rolley.

Detective Certificate

Following Plain Clothes Senior Constables each received the QPS Detective Certificate:

  • Jennifer Fraser,
  • Anthony Kirkham,
  • Thomas Wilson.

Constable Shannon Luke was the regional winner and Constable Noel Dwyer was the regional finalist of the QPS 2019 Inspector David Stevenson Field Training Officer Award.

Following external people also received the Assistant Commissioner’s Certificate of Appreciation Award:

  • Mr. Bjorn Camp,
  • Mr. Paul Harvey,
  • Mr. Zane Hicks,
  • Mr. Kyle Keighery,
  • Mr. Daniel Korn,
  • Mr. Terrence Lepinath,
  • Mr. Lesley Thimble,
  • Mr. Bernard Tracey,
  • Mr. Charles Wilson.

Commissioner Carroll said that it was a privilege to have our Police acknowledged for their bravery and commitment to Queensland.

“Through their careers, each of these recipients have displayed the desired and exemplary attributes of QPS officers.” Commissioner Carroll said.

“Outstanding level of dedication of each officer and staff member here today demonstrates their contribution to our organisation making it one of the finest Policing services in Australia.”