Queensland Opposes Canberra’s $5 Billion Cut To Disaster Relief Fund

Queensland Opposes Canberra’s $5 Billion Cut To Disaster Relief Fund

Queensland Minister for Community Recovery and Resilience David Crisafulli

Queensland Fights Raw Deal On Disaster Funding

Victor P Taffa

Vital Queensland infrastructure would either be left in ruins or ratepayers would be forced to pay huge repair bills if proposed changes to the Federal Government’s natural disaster relief scheme are approved.

Community Recovery and Resilience Minister David Crisafulli said a draft proposal from the Productivity Commission which suggested slashing federal funding contributions by a third was unworkable.







He urged communities across Queensland and their federal MPs to work with him to ensure the proposal is rejected.

Meeting with mayors from disaster-stricken communities ahead of a public hearing held by the Productivity Commission today, Mr. Crisafulli said the changes would be catastrophic for Queensland.

“If these changes had been in place over the last half-decade, Queensland would have been $5 Billion worse off.” Mr. Crisafulli said.

“If this draft proposal is adopted, Queenslanders would be left on their knees and today we’re sending a message loud and clear to the Productivity Commission.”

“If this change is approved, either ratepayers would be slugged with a bill they couldn’t afford or some roads or bridges just wouldn’t be repaired.”

Mr. Crisafulli said Queensland had proven the value of mitigation and betterment in the last two years, but the extra $40 Million in mitigation funding being proposed could not prevent the damage likely to be caused by future natural disasters.

He urged the Federal Government to kick the recommendations into touch.

“Governments are not judged by the advice they receive, but on the way they choose to respond to it.” Mr. Crisafulli said.

A final report to the Federal Government is expected to be completed in December.