Queensland Govt Provides Funding For Research Into Liver Disease

Queensland Govt Provides Funding For Research Into Liver Disease

Queensland Treasurer Tim Nicholls

Grant To Boost Lifesaving Liver Research

Victor P Taffa

Vital research into liver disease will be given a boost by the State Government to help specialists find answers to saving the lives of sick Queenslanders.

Treasurer Tim Nicholls said a grant to the Australian Liver Foundation would allow three PhD scholars to finish hugely important research fellowships into the causes and treatment of liver disease.





“This funding will help improve the diagnosis and treatment of Queenslanders with liver disease, as we continue delivering on our commitment to revitalise frontline health services for Queensland families.” Mr. Nicholls said.

“We’re putting Queensland at the forefront of medical research in Australia, getting the job done to give Queensland families better health.”

Mr. Nicholls said the $75,000 funding made good on a long-standing request to take part in an innovative partnership program between the Australian Liver Foundation and the Queensland Hotels Association.

Chairman of the Australian Liver Foundation Mike Ahern said the funding could make all the difference in reaching major medical research breakthroughs.

“Liver disease attacks millions of Australians and is one of the fastest growing health problems the Western world faces; affected by the huge increase in obesity statistics.” Mr. Ahern said.

“This is very worthy work, which we hope to continue into the future with a concentration on a children’s liver disease program.”

“Our research fellowships are a fundamental part of our work to combat the rising burden of liver disease in Australia, and this funding grant will allow us to complete years of important research.” Mr. Ahern said.