Queensland Floods-Postpone The Fireworks

Queensland Floods-Postpone The Fireworks

Queensland Floods As New South Wales Parties On

Victor P Taffa

As Queensland drowns in its worst ever Floods it is apparent that in the Society that we live is a totally self-centred ‘Me Only’ world.


Viewing with a feeling of helplessness on Television Reports at nature’s fury the people of Queensland are drowning literally and only a few hundred kilometres away Sydney will celebrate New Year’s Eve with a Fireworks display as if there were no tomorrow.

The Government of Queensland and the Federal Government have moved into overdrive to save Residents’ and yet Sydney will still party with no regard to those people in peril or displaced from their Homes.

The New South Wales Government or New South Wales Police have offered no assistance and this is simply systematic of the Selfish Society that we live in.

The Fireworks could be postponed to Australia Day 2011 and we can then celebrate the return of Queenslanders to their Homes.

While hysteria reins about Railway and Tramway Expansion Plans the lives of Queenslanders should be kept in focus and delay New Year’s Eve Fireworks.