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Queensland Minister for Energy Mark McArdle

Former NSW Premier Now An Expert On Queensland

Victor P Taffa

Queenslanders are in the best position to make crucial decisions about their local electricity industry and do not need the help of a former New South Wales Premier.

Twenty years after his departure from state politics, former New South Wales Premier Nick Greiner seems to be trying to set himself up as an expert on Queensland’s electricity industry, according to media reports.

Thanking Mr. Greiner for his advice delivered during an Energy conference in Sydney, Queensland Energy Minister Mark McArdle said media reports appeared to indicate Mr. Greiner had not been paying attention to the significant reforms underway in Queensland.

“Mr. Greiner was silent during the past five years when Labor was in power in Queensland and New South Wales, and is making his comments today using the incredible power of 20/20 hindsight.” Mr. McArdle said.

“Perhaps he should have been advocating “poles and wires” reforms more than two years ago, like the LNP has been doing in Queensland, well ahead of being elected in March 2012.”

Mr. McArdle said the comments attributed to Mr. Greiner appeared to blindly back all elements of the Commonwealth’s White Paper regardless of the localised impact on individual states.

“Queensland has been working collaboratively with Federal Energy Minister Martin Ferguson on key reforms.” Mr. McArdle said.

“Many of the policy proposals, only now being discovered by the Commonwealth, are policy positions the Newman Government put in place from day one, after taking office.”

“During his days as New South Wales Premier Mr Greiner would have rejected outside interference in his state’s affairs. Perhaps he should take a dose of his own medicine.” Mr. McArdle said.


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