Queensland Audit Office Releases Report With First Operating Surplus In Five Years

Queensland Audit Office Releases Report With First Operating Surplus In Five Years

Queensland Treasurer Tim Nicholls

Report Recognises Important Progress With State Finances

Victor P Taffa

The Government’s actions to fix Queensland’s finances have been recognised in a Queensland Audit Office report released today.

Treasurer Tim Nicholls said the Results of audit: Queensland state government financial statements 2013-14 report found that the Government’s financial reporting was of a high standard and a true and fair reflection of the finances of both Government and the overall government sector, which includes government owned corporations.





“This is a further acknowledgement of the job our government has done to repair the State’s finances, delivering the first operating surplus in five years.” Mr. Nicholls said.

“We have begun the task of moving the state’s finances onto a more sustainable footing, and this is the result of our Government’s considered, methodical fiscal discipline which saw us able to deliver more and better frontline services at the same time.”

“Importantly, there were an additional 760 teachers and teacher aides hired for our classrooms in 2013-14. Since we came to office we have provided funding to support 800 more Police on the beat, our hospitals have cut surgery waiting times and the long wait dental list which had 62,000 patients on it has disappeared.”

Mr. Nicholls said while significant fiscal repair had already been undertaken, Labor’s $80 Billion debt continued to threaten the State’s strong future.

“Our Strong Choices plan is a plan to reduce debt by $25 Billion, fund $8.6 Billion in job creating infrastructure projects and reduce cost of living pressure with a $3.4 Billion fund to help reduce electricity costs.”

“The real choice for Queenslanders at next year’s election will be a choice between the Government’s strong plan from a strong team to build a stronger Queensland and create jobs, or no plan at all from Labor.” Mr. Nicholls said.

“We are determined to continue with our hard work to ensure all Queenslanders can share in a prosperous and secure future.”

Mr. Nicholls thanked Queensland Treasury officers for the continually high quality work put into the Government’s task to repair the State’s finances.

“I also record my thanks to the Auditor-General for the work that has gone into this report and the assessment it provides on the Government’s 2013-14 financial accounts.” Mr. Nicholls said.