Queen Victoria Square

Queen Victoria Square

Joining Two Great Heritage Buildings Together

Victor P Taffa

The Lord Mayor of Sydney and Sydney MP Clover Moore some time ago announced a plan for Sustainable Sydney 2030 and Editor Victor P Taffa lodged a submission during the process for Public Comment.

That submission dated 25 May 2008 appears in www.isput.com.au and is downloadable in PDF format.


This submission among other matters opposed the closure of Woolworth’s Town Hall Store for the creation of a Public Park. This idea was before the whacky idea of a Driverless and Guardless Metro Rail Station in place of Woolworth’s Town Hall Store.

This very same idea came from the same State Government intent on the closure of the Newcastle Railway and also Retail Giant David Jones in the CBD of Newcastle.

The submission to Sustainable Sydney 2030 that was put forward incorporates some sensible changes to roads in the Sydney CBD.

Queen Victoria Square:

The section of Druitt Street between George and York Streets is a 4 Lane Piece of Road and about 200 Metres in length.

The West Bound Lanes head downhill towards the Western Distributor and becomes two way as a result of the Cross-City Tunnel contract.

The East Bound Lanes are Bus Only for York Street Bus movements.

On the corner of George and Druitt Street is Sydney Town Hall and on the other corner is the Queen Victoria Building with a Statue of Queen Victoria sitting outside.

This Piece of Road between George and York Streets should as contained in my submission become a Pedestrian only area and named Queen Victoria Square. This is not to be confused with Queens Square between King Street and Macquarie Street.

On the opposite corner to the Queen Victoria Building is the Galleries Victoria Building so the naming of Queen Victoria Square would be most appropriate.

The opening of the Cross-City Tunnel brought traffic changes to the City as a result of prohibitive contractual clauses.

Queen Victoria Square is also located at the intersection of George, Park and Druitt Streets where Pedestrians have right-of-way to cross in any direction when the traffic lights allow. This safe movement of pedestrians would be enhanced by the creation of Queen Victoria Square.



Woolworth's Town Hall Store Sydney At Night

Woolworth’s Town Hall Store Sydney At Night









Two Way Bathurst Street:

The other changes to traffic flow as contained in the submission that was lodged would also see that Bathurst Street become two-way in operation. Currently Bathurst Street is two way for one block between Day Street and Sussex Street.

The creation of Queen Victoria Square would force traffic to flow somewhere else and Bathurst Street is capable of handling two way operation. Traffic at George and Druitt Street intersection would have either a Left Only or Right Only means of flow and the Left Only traffic would turn Right into Bathurst Street.

Bathurst Street would at the Western end then require a new on-ramp onto the Western Distributor. This would be a far safer on-ramp than the current Market Street on-ramp.

The Market Street on-ramp has a poor Road surface is windy and traffic is forced to merge with exiting Harbour Bridge traffic. Motorists who then wish to use the Western Distributor from the Market Street on-ramp currently are playing a game of ‘Russian Roulette’ in an attempt to cross fast moving lanes of traffic.

A new Bathurst Street on-ramp is a safer option and would complement the Druitt Street on-ramp.

York Street Buses:

York Street Buses would with the creation of Queen Victoria Square access George Street via Sussex and Bathurst Streets. While this diversion is slightly longer than currently exists there is a multitude of Buses that would continue to traverse George Street.

The creation of Queen Victoria Square will ensure that Sydney City Council realises its long held dream of a Central City Square. The location rather than the Woolworth’s Town Hall Store site is a direct connection between the Town Hall and the Queen Victoria Building with a content Queen Victoria watching over her new Public Square.