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Northern Territory Minister for Central Australia Robyn Lambley

Committed To Tackling Crime In Central Australia

Victor P Taffa

Minister for Central Australia Robyn Lambley today welcomed the reintroduction of Northern Territory quarterly crime statistics by the Country Liberals Government.

Ms. Lambley said the release of quarterly crime statistics fulfils an election promise and delivers on the Government’s commitment to be accountable and transparent.

“The June Quarter 2012 crime statistics released today reveal there were more assaults in Alice Springs than in Darwin with 1,699 assaults in Alice Springs and 1,564 assaults in Darwin.” Ms Lambley said.

“The reintroduction of quarterly crime statistics is particularly good news for Central Australia where crime and anti-social behaviour has been spiralling out of control for years.”

“The Labor Government’s decision to scrap quarterly crime statistics was a deceptive move and hid the real truth about their failed policies.” Ms Lambley said.


“Labor’s failed BDR policy, complete with cherry-picked data, simply didn’t work and that’s exactly what the crime statistics released today show.”

“From June 2011 to June 2012, 68% of assault offences in Alice Springs involved alcohol, which is shockingly 47% more than five years ago.”

“If the BDR scheme really worked like Labor said it did why isn’t there a significant reduction in these statistics?”

“Today’s crime statistics also show that for the same period there were 2,126 property damage offences in Alice Springs, 15% more than the previous year and up 27% more than five years ago.”

“All Territorians have a right to know how crime is tracking in their region and we are not going to cover up the facts like Labor did.”

“Reducing crime and strengthening the frontline is a key priority for the Mills Government and the release of quarterly crime statistics will help us to better respond to crime in Central Australia and across the Territory.” Ms Lambley said.


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