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New South Wales Minister for Education Sarah Mitchell

2020 Guaranteed Quality In Teacher Development

Victor P Taffa

Quality of externally run professional development courses for teachers in New South Wales is under the microscope, the New South Wales Government announced today.

Minister for Education and Early Childhood Learning Sarah Mitchell, said that from 2021 each individual course will need to demonstrate a genuine focus on improving teaching in the classroom through best practice to receive New South Wales Education Standards Authority (NESA) accreditation.

Currently, NESA only accredits providers of professional development. It does not accredit individual courses.

“Teachers are required to take on 100 hours of professional development over 5 years.” Minister Mitchell said.

“It is crucial that this time is spent productively with teachers engaging in activities that actually help their practice.”

“I have asked NESA to undertake an immediate review of their process for professional development provider accreditation and their courses.”

“I want our teachers to be able to access the best professional development courses possible, providing them ongoing improvement in their vital role as educators for the students of New South Wales.”

There are 782 providers with over 42,000 active professional development courses as of 23 June 2020.

“This review will reduce the number of courses on offer while increasing their overall quality, helping schools and teachers identify which courses will help them to improve the support and education students receive in the classroom.”

“We are entirely focused on the quality of education in our schools and have set targets for our schools to meet. It is my expectation that these professional development courses assist teachers in helping schools meeting those targets.” Minister Mitchell said.

Review will be completed by the end of 2020 with the new standards to apply from 2021.


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