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Western Australia Minister for Local Government John Castrilli

Minister Urges Councillors To Resign

Victor P Taffa

Local Government Minister John Castrilli today supported calls for the resignation of those councillors who are seeking to pursue defamation action against the City of Albany.

Mr. Castrilli said the defamation action was unhelpful and incompatible with the effort and resources that had gone into helping to stabilise the council.

“A comprehensive and co-ordinated strategy has been in place to improve the performance of the City of Albany and elected members have been given every opportunity to turn the situation around to form a united council.” the Minister said.

“The Department of Local Government and the city have been working through a number of programs to resolve the city’s issues such as specialist expertise, clear information and support to provide good governance to its community.”

“I believe that the current situation of councillors remaining in their positions while initiating private legal action against the city is unacceptable.” Mr. Castrilli said.

“It has become very clear that it is now time for those councillors to remove themselves from the council process.”

“Good governance within local government is critical to the sector, their communities and the State and it is vital the City of Albany move on in the best interests of their electors.” Mr. Castrilli said.


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