Public Transport Fun Tax To Hit Junior Football Development

Public Transport Fun Tax To Hit Junior Football Development

South Australia Shadow Minister for Transport Corey Wingard

Fun Tax In Freefall

Victor P Taffa

Shadow Minister for Transport Corey Wingard is demanding the Minister for Transport Stephen Mullighan detail how he will recoup the $1.3 Million shortfall in his budget as a result of his humiliating back down on slugging Adelaide and Port Adelaide fans with his fun tax.








“Who will be the next victims of Minister Mullighan’s fun tax and how much extra will they pay now the Minister has been forced to forgo $1.3 Million in revenue as a result of his humiliating backflip?” Corey Wingard Shadow Minister for Transport asked.

“Will Australian cricket fans now be slugged more to make up the Weatherill Government’s budget shortfall?”

“Will it be motor sports fans attending the Clipsal 500 or families going to the Royal Adelaide Show?”

“Minister Mullighan has badly fumbled the implementation of this toxic tax on fun and he owes it South Australians to come clean on his revised plans for the fun tax.” Mr. Wingard said.

“It is also particularly disappointing that the Crows, Power and SANFL (South Australia National Football League) will be financially disadvantaged to cover the Weatherill Government’s woeful mismanagement of the State budget.”

“The AFL (Australian Football League) competition is fiercely competitive and delicately balanced with relatively small advantages potentially being the difference between success and failure.” Mr. Wingard said.

“There is no doubt a $700,000 hit to the clubs bottom line will have a detrimental impact on their capacity to compete.”

“I’m also worried that the $400,000 ripped out of the SANFL will see less money available for the development of junior football in South Australia.” Mr. Wingard said.

The Weatherill Labor Government made no mention of this tax before the recent State Election – rather it talked of its commitment to free public transport to major events at Adelaide Oval.