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Northern Territory Shadow Minister for Public Employment Matt Conlan

Culture Of Contempt

Victor P Taffa

Shadow Minister for Public Employment, Matt Conlan, says the Country Liberals will restore Ministerial accountability to Government.

Mr. Conlan said Labor has treated public servants with contempt over the past decade, routinely putting bureaucrats up to answer questions while ministers hid in the shadows dodging media scrutiny.

“Labor routinely hangs public servants out to dry.” Mr. Conlan said.

“The Government’s philosophy towards the bureaucracy was best explained by Minister Kon Vatskalis in November 2010 when he told a reporter:

‘I’m the first one to say that the Department was at fault.’

“Minister Vatskalis seems to think it’s an act of political bravery to sheet home blame to public servants for Government mistakes.” Mr. Conlan said.

“The Country Liberals will reverse a decade of Labor’s blame shifting culture and empower public servants to do their jobs without fear of minister’s hand-balling responsibility onto them.”

“Public servants have nothing to fear from a Country Liberals Government.” Mr. Conlan said.

“Delia Lawrie’s hysterical fear campaign is a further sign of Labor’s contempt for the bureaucracy she is lying to public servants purely out of self interest.” Mr. Conlan said.


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