Public Housing Waste And Mismanagement

Public Housing Waste And Mismanagement

Northern Territory Opposition Leader Terry Mills

Taking Public Housing For Granted

Victor P Taffa

Territory taxpayers are being forced to foot the bill for damage to public housing stock by residents and visitors.

Opposition Leader Terry Mills said figures obtained by the Opposition show that last year, 754 Territory Housing properties were damaged by tenants or their visitors.

“The total damage bill was $2.03 Million, of which the Government has so far recouped only $660,000.” Mr. Mills said.

“This is less than one-third of the overall cost to repair the damage, and shows the Government is letting public housing vandals get away with mistreating their properties.”

“Minister Chris Burns must also explain why, given the large number of damaged properties and the enormous cost to repair those homes, only 52 public tenancies was terminated last year.” Mr. Mills said.

“The Government must stop tacitly condoning public housing vandalism by evicting tenants who don’t respect their homes.”

“Instead of taking a passive approach, the Government must set an example to all tenants that public housing is a privilege, not a right.” Mr. Mills said.