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Northern Territory Opposition Leader Terry Mills

Budget Honesty-Don’t Bet Your House On It

Victor P Taffa

The Henderson Labor Government has undermined the integrity of the Budget process by over-stating the number of public houses in the Territory Housing pool.

Under questioning by Opposition Leader, Terry Mills, the Minister was forced to admit his Department over-stated by 75 the number of public houses in the 2011-12 Budget.


“The 2011-12 Budget shows the number of public housing dwellings was 5,236.” Mr. Mills said.

“That figure was revised downwards to 5,161 in this year’s Budget”

“The explanation offered was that 75 houses were double counted.”

“Given that this figure presented a much improved picture of the Territory’s public housing assets, then questions remain as to how this figure ended up in the Budget papers.” Mr. Mills said.

“The Budget is meant to be the definitive record of the Government’s assets, liabilities, revenues and outlays and today’s admission has highlighted chinks in the armour.”

“The bungle begs the question how many other mistakes have there been in Delia Lawrie’s budgets?” Mr. Mills asked.


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