Public Hospital Performance Review To Be Quarterly

Public Hospital Performance Review To Be Quarterly

Victoria Minister for Health David Davis

Public Gets To See How Hospitals Are Performing

Victor P Taffa

Victorians will now be able to get a more detailed view on how hospitals and public health services are performing, with the release today of the new Quarterly Victorian Health Service Performance Report.

Health Minister David Davis said the Victorian Coalition Government was committed to releasing more information to the community about health services to provide a more transparent health system.

“This round of reporting contains data for the period up to December 2010 and relates to the performance of the previous Government in managing the public hospital system.” Mr. Davis said.

“The Victorian Coalition Government is committed to introducing a new regime of transparency by providing Victorians with more information about the performance of hospitals and more frequently, than the old bi-annual Your Hospitals reports that were produced by the former Labor Government.”

Mr. Davis said the release of this data represents an important first step in delivering a new and open system of publishing information on Victorian health services.

“For too long many of these performance measures were hidden from public scrutiny, but they are important so that people can get a realistic picture on how the system is performing.” Mr. Davis said.

New data within the report includes:

• Rates of Elective Surgery Hospital Initiated Postponements;

• Number of emergency department mental health patients waiting longer than 8 hours for admission;

• The number of emergency department patients with a length of stays greater than 24 hours;

• Ambulance attendances (arrivals at emergency department by ambulances);

• Proportion of ambulance patient transfers within 40 minutes;

• The number of hours on hospital early warning system (HEWS);

• Individual hospital category 4 and 5 emergency department data;

• The number of bed days for patients waiting in major metropolitan health services for residential aged care after assessments.

“The new data will provide a more complete picture of the health system and enable the Government and health services to work together to improve performance across the system.” Mr. Davis said.

“The report shows some areas of improvement in hospital performance, but there is still scope for significant performance gains.”

“I am concerned that the report shows patchy performance across some hospitals, and the Government is determined to ensure there is sustainable and lasting improvement.” Mr. Davis said.

“The Coalition Government is committed to building a healthier Victoria through greater transparency of the health system and investing substantial resources in health services, including the $2.5 Billion funding boost in the recent state budget.”

“In addition to this, the Government plans to expand the state’s health service capacity by delivering an additional 800 beds over the next four years, 100 of which will be delivered over the next 12 months.” Mr. Davis said.