Public Comment On Kimberley And Pilbara Reserves Open Until 31 March 2017

Public Comment On Kimberley And Pilbara Reserves Open Until 31 March 2017

Western Australia Minister for Environment Albert Jacob

Seeking Comment On Kimberley And Pilbara Reserves

Victor P Taffa

  • Have your say on management of 250,000 ha of conservation reserve

Liberal National Government is seeking public comment on the draft 10-year joint Management Plan for conservation reserves in the south-west Kimberley and north-west Pilbara.

Environment Minister Albert Jacob encouraged West Australians to provide comment on the plan for these remote but important reserves.

“Community feedback on the draft plan is vital because it helps shape how conservation, cultural and recreation values of this important area of the State are managed.” Mr. Jacob said.

Draft Management Plan was developed with the Karajarri Traditional Lands Association, the Nyangumarta Warrarn Aboriginal Corporation and the Wanparta Aboriginal Corporation as a part of the $103.6 Million Kimberley Science and Conservation Strategy.

It comprises the Kurriji Pa Yajula (formerly Dragon Tree Soak) Nature Reserve, the new Walyarta Conservation Park, and a number of new conservation reserves along the coastal strip adjoining Eighty Mile Beach Marine Park.

“The reserves protect internationally, nationally, and regionally significant wetlands, including portions of the Eighty Mile Beach Ramsar site, which support several threatened species such as the bilby.” Mr. Jacob said.

“The area is of great cultural significance to traditional owners and the plan outlines measures to ensure important cultural sites are protected while enabling traditional owners to continue to enjoy and maintain their customary practices.”

Mr. Jacob said the draft plan included reserves that had similar ecological values and a common set of management issues.

“A landscape-scale management approach is needed for the planning area, involving adjacent land managers, other agencies and the wider community.” Mr. Jacob said.

Kimberley And Pilbara Reserves will be jointly managed alongside the Eighty Mile Beach Marine Park, ensuring complementary management of the marine and terrestrial values.

Fact File

  • Kimberley Science and Conservation Strategy is the biggest conservation project ever undertaken in WA,
  • Karajarri, Nyangumarta and Ngarla people have joint management responsibility for the reserves within their country,
  • Public comment period closes on Friday March 31, 2017.