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Victoria Deputy Premier Peter Ryan

Victoria Minister for Police and Emergency Services Peter Ryan

Popular PSOs Celebrate One Year Anniversary

Victor P Taffa

A year after the first deployment, PSOs are already making a real difference across the rail network, Deputy Premier and Minister for Police and Emergency Services Peter Ryan said today.

This week marks one year since the first deployment of 18 PSOs to Flinders Street and Southern Cross stations.

“Three separate credible surveys have found feelings of safety on transport at night have risen since PSO deployment began.” Mr. Ryan said.

“They’ve done more than just the important job of helping people feel safe to use public transport. Transit Safety Division activity data indicates Victoria Police has made almost 1,400 arrests in the past 12 months as a result of interaction with PSOs and Transit Police.”

“More than 500 people have been apprehended with outstanding warrants, more than 700 for drunkenness and some 64 who were breaching their bail conditions. Meanwhile, more than 30 people have been issued penalty notices for carrying a weapon, more than 400 for being drunk in a public place and over 20 for graffiti-related offences.”

“PSOs played a key part in helping Victorian Police apprehend a suspect for indecent assault; they’ve helped locate and keep safe a troubled teenager; and just four days after being deployed to Oakleigh they administered CPR to a woman whose heart had stopped, helping to save her life. Recently, PSOs also returned a stolen dog to its owner.” Mr. Ryan said.

“The National Survey of Community Satisfaction with Policing, Public Transport Victoria’s most recent survey, and the annual Report on Government Services (ROGS) have all found perceptions of safety on public transport, especially at night, are improving.”

“Public Transport Victoria figures show incidents of graffiti have plummeted from a rolling average of nearly 60 a month in mid-2011 to just 18 now.” Mr. Ryan said.

“Some 278 PSOs have been deployed to 35 stations, and the Coalition Government remains ahead of schedule to supply 940 PSOs by November 2014.”

“PSOs can confiscate weapons, detain anyone who threatens public safety, and are trained in conflict resolution and dealing with vulnerable people.” Mr. Ryan said.


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