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Victoria Premier Ted Baillieu

Victoria Deputy Premier Peter Ryan

Victoria Minister for Police and Emergency Services Peter Ryan

Coalition Delivers First PSOs To Improve Safety For Victorians Travelling On Train Network At Night

Victor P Taffa

Victorians travelling on the metropolitan rail network will soon be better protected with the first Victoria Police Protective Services Officers (PSOs) graduating today from the Victoria Police Academy.

Attending today’s PSO graduation ceremony at Glen Waverley, Premier Ted Baillieu said the 18 new officers would proudly protect and serve commuters as part of the Coalition Government’s commitment to make Victoria safer.

“The Coalition Government is delivering on its election commitment to recruit 940 PSOs by November 2014 to help reduce crime, violence and anti-social behaviour on and around Railway Stations.” Premier Baillieu said.

“PSOs will have the power to apprehend, detain, arrest and remove any offenders or threatening individuals while they are on duty at railway stations.”


VIC Minister for Police & Emergency Services Peter Ryan

VIC Minister for Police & Emergency Services Peter Ryan










Deputy Premier and Minister for Police and Emergency Services Peter Ryan said the PSOs would be deployed across the rail network where they would patrol railway stations from 6 pm until the last train, every night of the week.

“Many more squads of PSOs will continue to come through the Academy for 12 weeks intensive training, including the same Operational Tactics and Safety Training that Police members undertake.” Mr. Ryan said.

“All new PSOs will be appropriately trained regarding relevant laws, emergency management, conflict resolution, engaging with youth, group behaviour, human rights and how to deal with vulnerable people.”

“The extended 12 week training program also includes ‘on the job’ training at inner city rail stations to ensure PSOs are prepared for their first day on the job.”

Mr. Ryan said since coming to office, the Coalition Government had already delivered an additional 100 transit Police to improve community safety across the public transport network, which would be further strengthened as the new PSOs were deployed at railway stations across Melbourne.

“The deployment of PSOs is determined by the Victoria Police Chief Commissioner, in consultation with the Department of Justice, the Department of Transport and the Coalition Government.” Mr. Ryan said.


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