Property Council Report Shows Good Signs For Tasmania

Property Council Report Shows Good Signs For Tasmania

Tasmania Minister for State Growth Matthew Groom

Property Council Report Shows Welcome Signs For Tasmania

Victor P Taffa

Minister for State Growth Matthew Groom said that the Property Council’s Office Market Report shows more positive signs for the Tasmanian economy.

“Despite the fact that more and more office space is coming online, demand continues to grow and vacancy rates are the third lowest in the country, behind only Melbourne and Sydney.” Mr. Groom said.

What this report confirms is that under the Hodgman Government the economy is growing, new businesses are setting up and established businesses are expanding.

This is the latest report to highlight positive signs in the economy.

It follows a CommSec report that ranked Tasmania’s economic performance as the fourth best in the country, a TCCI survey that showed confidence was growing, a Sensis report that ranked the Hodgman Government as the most popular government among small businesses in Australia and a Deloitte Access Economics study that confirmed record high retail levels and the tourism boom was driving growth in Tasmania.

“But we need to do more and population growth is the key.” Mr. Groom said. 

“Government is absolutely committed to our population target and we have a clear strategy to meet that target. Since coming to government, population growth has raised from zero under Labor and the Greens, to 0.5 % under us the fastest growth in five years.”

“While we have a growing economy and growing demand for skilled workers, we also have the best lifestyle in the world and the most affordable housing in the country.” Mr. Groom said.

There has never been a better time for Tasmanians who left the State looking for opportunities to come back home, or for others looking for a fresh start to make Tasmania their new home.

“Obviously, the best population strategy is to have a growing economy creating new jobs and that is what the Hodgman Government is focussed on.” Mr. Groom said.