Promoting Northern Territory To The World

Promoting Northern Territory To The World

Northern Territory Chief Minister Michael Gunner

Branding The Northern Territory To Boost Population And Create More Jobs

Victor P Taffa

Northern Territory Government’s bid to sell the Territory to the world has taken another significant step forward with an internationally-recognised brand specialist awarded the contract to create a unified brand for the Northern Territory.

This will further position the Territory to help boost our population, drive economic growth and create jobs.

It follows Chief Minister Michael Gunner’s announcement last week that it had brought together a team of 3 eminent Territorians in Team NT to sell the Northern Territory’s investment and business prospects nationally and internationally.

Royals Place Brand Consortium has been awarded the contract to deliver a unified brand for the Northern Territory.

Royals Place Brand Consortium, an internationally-recognised, award-winning brand specialist, has teamed up with the Territory’s own Boab Design and market research company McGregor Tan to deliver a one-of-a-kind brand and strategy for the Territory.

Chief Minister Gunner said the $1.5 Million Masterbrand contract was a key part of the Territory Government’s priority to drive investment, population growth and jobs.

“I am determined to create jobs for Territorians and support local business, and I have said before I will leave no stone unturned to do this.” Chief Minister Gunner said.

“This is why I have just announced a record $103 Million plan to Turbocharge Tourism. This is why I have brought together Team NT to sell our investment and business prospects globally. And this is why I am today announcing that we have charged the best in the world with creating a unified and identifiable brand for the Northern Territory.”

“This is something business asked for during our Economic Development Summits, and today we are delivering.”

“This world-recognised team is tasked with framing the Northern Territory in the best possible way crafting a brand that will ultimately drive population, jobs and economic growth. They will build a distinctive and identifiable brand that will provide the Territory with a unique competitive edge to enable us to better tell the Territory’s story.” Chief Minister Gunner said.

Consortium team members have recently been:

  • AWARDED Best expression of place brand identity at the 2016 City/National/Place awards in London for the Edmonton (Canada) Place Branding project;
  • INCLUDED in the ‘Top 5 place brand case studies in the world’ by Place Brand Observer for the Edmonton (Canada) Place Branding project;
  • CONDUCTED Australia’s largest qualitative survey for Government into the factors that drive Place Brand success on behalf of the Tasmanian Government.

“Territory owned and operated business Boab Design will provide an authentic and truly local approach to design, ensuring a significant part of this tender will remain within the Territory.” Chief Minister Gunner said.

“Market research firm McGregor Tan has also been operating in the Northern Territory for over three decades.”

“Partnership approach will create significant value for the local industry including through upskilling, knowledge sharing, local sponsorships and two all-expenses-paid internships which will be offered to Territory graphic design students.”

“Royals Place Brand Consortium will develop an enduring brand, appealing narrative and marketing approach that inspire interstate and international businesses and consumers to think differently about the Northern Territory, and encourage people to look north not only to visit, but to live, work, study and invest.” Chief Minister Gunner said.

Royals Place Brand Consortium was evaluated in accordance with Northern Territory Procurement Rules and assessment criteria and was recommended as representing best value for the Northern Territory.