Proceeds From Railway Privatisation Should Result In Network Expansion

Proceeds From Railway Privatisation Should Result In Network Expansion

South Australia Shadow Minister for Transport and Infrastructure David Pisoni

Another Labor Privatisation Push

Victor P Taffa

The State Opposition are concerned that the Weatherill Government is planning once again to break its no privatisation pledge made at the last state election, this time preparing the State’s rail network for sale.

“The Labor Government’s insistence that the new Enterprise Agreement it is negotiating with the Rail, Tram and Bus Union removes the no forced redundancies clause is a sure sign that the Weatherill Government is preparing the network for privatisation.” Shadow Minister for Transport and Infrastructure David Pisoni said.

“Not surprisingly the overwhelming majority of drivers have rejected the Weatherill Government’s offer and rail commuters will be the big losers in the industrial stoush that is set to follow.”


“Minister Mullighan’s mismanagement of these negotiations has resulted in the very real possibility of extended industrial action impacting detrimentally on the ability of hundreds of thousands of Adelaide commuters to get to the city for work, shopping and the football.” Mr. Pisoni said.

“The Weatherill Government has bungled the management of Adelaide’s rail network with the half completed electrification of the Gawler line abandoned costing taxpayers $46.6 Million and sloppy oversight of Seaford line upgrade resulting in a myriad of problems.”

“This is also another example of gross hypocrisy from a Labor Government that will say anything to win elections.” Mr. Pisoni said.

“Before the 2014 State Election the Labor Party promised that it would not privatise government assets and services.”

“After the Weatherill Labor Government was re-elected they announced plans to privatise the Motor Accident Commission and now it looks like they want to privatise our train network.”

“The Transport Minister needs to immediately address this issue and explain why the Labor Party told voters before the election that they would not privatise government services when clearly they have plans to sell off assets and services.” Mr. Pisoni said.


Railway Expansion

Any plans to privatise the Railways should also include that proceeds from the sale are ploughed back into the Railways.

Former Premier Mike Rann and his Minister for Transport Patrick Conlon announced plans to electrify Adelaide’s Railways. Premier Rann was rolled by now Premier Jay Weatherill as were plans to electrify the Railways.

Premier Weatherill should not privatise the Railways unless he can nominate where new Railway Lines will be built.

  • Until 1929 the Glenelg Tramway was a Railway Line.
  • The O-Bahn was previously a Tramway.

The O-Bahn should be converted into a Railway Line and called the Northern Line which would feed into a new underground City Circle Line that would also service Adelaide Railway Station.

Unless Premier Weatherill can firmly announce plans for new Railway Lines that would accrue from Railway Privatisation and complete Railway Electrification then he should leave things alone and get on with governing.