Problem Gambling To Be Tackled

Problem Gambling To Be Tackled

Victoria Opposition Leader Ted Baillieu

Victoria Shadow Minister for Gaming Michael O’Brien

Coalition Plan To Limit Losses And Assist Problem Gamblers

Victor P Taffa

Gaming Venues To Be Required To Promote Pre-Commiment

A Baillieu Government will ensure pre-commitment devices will be fitted to all gaming machines to limit player losses and the damage that problem gamblers do to themselves, their families and their communities.

Victorian Liberal Nationals Coalition Leader Ted Baillieu said today pre-commitment technology will signal to gamblers to stop gambling once a designated limit is reached.

“Premier John Brumby has failed to deal with the concerns of Victorian families about problem gambling, and he has done too little to introduce pre-commitment technology despite its proven value in reducing problem gambling.” Mr. Baillieu said.

Pre-commitment devices allow a player to preset a limit of total loss or time played on gaming machines over a fixed period. The technology has been successfully trialled in Canada, Queensland and South Australia and offers gamblers greater assistance in controlling their gambling behaviour.

“After having 11 years to implement an effective problem gambling initiative such as pre-commitment, Labor has instead allowed problem gambling to damage Victorian families and ruin the lives of problem gamblers.” Mr. Baillieu said.

“Now John Brumby claims he wants to eventually get around to introducing pre-commitment, but won’t make it mandatory on all gaming machines linked around the state until 2016.”

“The commencement of the new gaming licences and the gaming monitoring licence in 2012 is an ideal opportunity to work with industry to bring forward pre-commitment.” Mr. Baillieu said.

“Instead of another layer of bureaucracy and regulation, pre-commitment technology enables the individual gambler to contain their gambling by setting definite limits.”

“Pre-commitment respects the right of individuals to make their own decisions and directly tackle their gambling problem. The technology helps gamblers to stick to the limits they have set once they start playing pokies.”

“The implementation of pre-commitment is an essential means of seriously tackling problem gambling and ensuring gaming in Victoria will be socially sustainable into the future.” Mr. Baillieu said.

VIC Shadow Minister for Gaming Michael O'Brien

VIC Shadow Minister for Gaming Michael O’Brien









Shadow Gaming Minister Michael O’Brien said gaming venues will have to accept and implement pre-commitment technology as an integral part of operating in Victoria.

“The Coalition will work with all gaming venues and interested parties, including problem gambling groups and research institutions, on developing the right incentives for gamblers who choose pre-commitment.” Mr. O’Brien said.

“This will encourage take-up and reduce any potential social stigma for participants.”

“The Responsible Gambling Codes of Conduct will be reviewed to make it a requirement that all gaming venues support and promote the use of pre-commitment.” Mr. O’Brien said.

“The Coalition will not sweep problem gambling under the carpet as John Brumby has done because we want to do everything possible to reduce the burden of problem gambling on Victorians.”

“The Coalition will act to introduce pre-commitment technology as soon as practicable to reduce the damage caused to Victorian families by Problem Gambling.” Mr. O’Brien said.