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Western Australia Minister for Health Roger Cook

Public Hospitals Welcome Privately Practicing Midwives

Victor P Taffa

  • Endorsed Privately Practicing Midwives can now deliver babies in Western Australian public hospitals
  • Greater choice in maternity care now available for Western Australian parents
  • Part of the National Maternity Services Plan

McGowan Government has delivered greater maternity choices for Western Australian mums, with women who elect to use a private midwife able to give birth in a Western Australian public hospital.

“McGowan Government is committed to providing greater maternity choices for women in Western Australia.” Minister for Health Roger Cook said.

“Women who choose a private midwife to deliver their baby in a public hospital will have access to a full range of medical staff and equipment should there be any complications.”


As part of the National Maternity Services Plan, Endorsed Privately Practicing Midwives (EPPM’s) are able to privately admit their clients to public hospitals that provide maternity services.

King Edward Memorial Hospital (KEMH) is the first tertiary public hospital in Western Australia to welcome the private midwives, having already completed a successful pilot project and created an EPPM Access Policy.

There are currently 3 Endorsed Privately Practicing Midwives who can work at KEMH, with the first being Clare Davison who just recently delivered her first baby at the hospital under the program.

Women accessing this model of care are admitted to KEMH as private patients and benefit from collaboration between the hospital and the privately practicing midwives, with access to medical staff and equipment if any complications arise.

In addition to providing care that women want, the program also recognises EPPM’s as practitioners in their own right through the credentialing process with CredWA and the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency.

Once credential processes have been completed, EPPM’s can apply for access to hospitals that have an appropriate maternity policy in place.

Endorsed Privately Practicing Midwives need to undertake an induction and orientation, as well as completing a number of mandatory training elements to be able to work at the nominated public hospital.


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