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Queensland Shadow Minister for Families Housing & Communities Ted Malone

Battlers Face Power Disconnection Under Gillard Carbon Tax

Victor P Taffa

More battling Queensland families and seniors struggling to meet rising living costs will face power disconnections under Gillard Labor’s carbon tax.

Shadow Minister for Families, Housing & Communities Ted Malone said Labor leaders and their shiny suited apparatchiks just didn’t get it.

“Nearly 6,000 (six thousand) Queensland households had their electricity cut off in the September 2010 Quarter because they couldn’t pay the bill ….what’s an extra $300 dollars a year going to mean to these battlers and thousands of others.” Mr. Malone said.

“It’s going to mean a choice between home-brand baked beans and light and heating during winter …thanks Julia …they might be able to keep warm burning old Women’s Weeklies.”

Mr. Malone said Labor’s carbon tax would push up the cost of everything from petrol and electricity to baked beans, furniture and clothing.

“Every grocery item, every bit of clothing …everything that’s manufactured, transported and sold is going to be hit by this new tax from next year, if it goes ahead.” Mr. Malone said.

“But the biggest impact will be on electricity with experts warning average home power bills will soar by an extra $300 a year and petrol by at least 6.5 cents a litre.”

“This must surely mean tens of thousands of struggling Queenslanders won’t be able to pay their power bills.” Mr. Malone said.

For the record Prime Minister Julia Gillard was on the cover of The Australian Women’s Weekly long before Queensland Premier made her appearance.

It also seems very strange that whenever a serious discussion and challenge to build Railway Lines in Australia that ‘diversionary’ tactics such as a Carbon Tax are brought up.

The New South Wales Labor Government have roundly abused Editor Victor P Taffa for having the hide and audacity to want to actually have new Railway Lines built outside that of an Election Cycle.


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