Premier Weatherill Should Tell The Truth About Water

Premier Weatherill Should Tell The Truth About Water

South Australia Shadow Minister for Water and the River Murray Mitch Williams

Deception, Deceit, And Desal

Victor P Taffa

Premier Weatherill today has the opportunity to stop the deception and deceit of his Labor Government when it comes to water in South Australia.

“I have on numerous occasions sought information concerning the decision to double the desalination plant via FOI, always to be told that the documents held were exempt.” Shadow Minister for Water and the River Murray Mitch Williams said.

“Yesterday the Premier released two consultants’ reports which are meaningless when isolated from supporting documentation, such as population projections.”

“Indicative of the Labor Government’s Desal deception is the dating of the consultant’s reports they came AFTER the Government’s decision to double the size of the Desal plant!” Mr. Williams said.

“The deception over water started when we were told that the price of water would need to double. Water prices have trebled and now we’re not even going to use the desalination plant.”

“Yesterday I revealed that residents in the Urban Environmental Village at Lochiel Park were told that they could purchase recycled water at the cost of 75 % of drinking water when in fact the price will be MORE expensive than what they are paying for drinking water.”

“This week the Premier stated that the latest MDBA report is proof that more water can come down the river despite the report clearly stating that the modelling ignored the constraints to river flows and that no assessment was made in the report as to whether it was possible to remove those flow constraints.” Mr. Williams said.

“The Premier called the constraints artificial but when told that they would cause flooding his response was that he didn’t care if farmland in NSW and Vic was flooded and those farmers were undeserving of compensation.”

“Perhaps the Premier’s callous disregard for potential flood victims is the only honest thing he has said in this whole sorry water saga.”

“South Australians deserve to know the whole story, not just what suits Premier Weatherill.” Mr. Williams said.