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South Australia Opposition Leader Isobel Redmond

Time For Solutions, Not More Headlines

Victor P Taffa

Today’s announcement of a plan to deliver 3,200 GL of water back to the River Murray is welcome news for South Australia, However, it lacks significant detail.

The SA Liberals believe that we need a solution-based approach to fix the problem not just more numbers and headlines.

The latest MDBA Report noted relaxing flow constraints within the river system was a significant factor in improving the health of the River Murray.

However, relaxing these constraints can only occur at a significant cost to both the State and Federal Governments, and the State Labor Government’s financial mismanagement of South Australia over the past 10 years may well have stifled our ability to deliver such outcomes.

Earlier this year the Weatherill Labor Government refused to provide funds for the upgrade of the levy banks around the town of Renmark such work is an example of what will be necessary to enable larger flows in the river.

It’s a bit rich for Premier Weatherill to claim victory, when he once demanded 4,000 GL be returned and has settled for 3,200 GL, with conditions attached and a five year delay.

“We want the Weatherill Labor Government to deliver real solutions, not just more hollow promises.” Liberal Leader Isobel Redmond said.

“The issue of the River Murray should be well above politics. But instead, Premier Weatherill and his Government have continually used the issue to talk tough without achieving anything.

“South Australians are crying out for this Government to stop bickering with their interstate counterparts and deliver real solutions.”

“On the other hand, we are, and always have been, willing to work cooperatively with Premier Weatherill, the Federal Labor Government, other state governments and stakeholders to get the best outcome.” Ms. Redmond said.


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