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South Australia Opposition Leader Steven Marshall

All But Weatherill Know – Advisers Have Got To Go

Victor P Taffa

Former SA Labor heavyweight and long-time Mike Rann adviser Jill Bottrall has leant her voice to the deafening chorus demanding Premier Weatherill sack his friends and advisers, Simon Blewett and Jadynne Harvey.

Premier Weatherill’s senior advisers, Mr. Blewett and Mr. Harvey, will not receive “please explain” letters as have been sent to Education Department staff, have not been disciplined for their actions, and will continue to sit on their $190,000 and $140,000 salaries despite their failures outlined in the Debelle Inquiry.

The continuing pressure now being borne by two of the Premier’s staff over the school sexual assault issue is entirely understandable and the concerns raised by school parents and the Opposition are justifiable.” – Jill Bottrall

In this case, their behaviour went beyond plain negligence. Their real failure was in demonstrating total lack of interest in the subject.” – Jill Bottrall

“Irrespective of where you sit on the political divide it is clear that Premier Weatherill needs to put personal friendships aside and sack his advisers.” Opposition Leader Steven Marshall said.

“It is incredible that Premier Weatherill refuses to take action despite being canvassed by former Labor heavyweights, the State Liberals, and parents of victims of child sex abuse.”

“Justice Debelle’s report reveals a catalogue of incompetence and cover-up under Labor Premier Weatherill.” Mr. Marshall said.

“It’s no good just holding departmental staff accountable for their actions, the reality is that nothing will change unless Premier Weatherill’s senior advisers, Mr. Blewett and Mr. Harvey, are held accountable for their actions as well.”

“Justice Debelle reveals in his report that Premier Weatherill “misses the point” in attempting to defend the actions of Mr. Blewett and Mr. Harvey.”

“Will Premier Weatherill ever ‘get the point’ or is he simply incapable of grasping the enormity of the Debelle Inquiry and taking responsibility for him and his staff’s role?”

“Premier Weatherill must drop his casual attitude to child protection and adopt better priorities to get South Australia back on track.” Mr. Marshall said.


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