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Queensland Premier Campbell Newman

LNP Government Ministers Directed To ‘Root Out Red Tape’

Victor P Taffa

Premier Campbell Newman has directed his ministers to “root out red tape” from within their portfolios as a priority to reduce the burden on business and to ease the cost of living for Queenslanders.

Mr. Newman told today’s Cabinet meeting that he wants all ministers to urgently examine red tape, time consuming and non-essential rules, forms, regulations and procedures that can be repealed or eased in the next 3 months.

“Priority will be given to red tape processes that can be repealed administratively or by Executive Council, and don’t require legislative change.” Mr. Newman said.


“Red tape and unnecessary impediments to doing business have become an increasing burden under the previous State Government.”

“We have already begun the process to remove the ridiculous sustainability declaration which added nothing but paperwork to house sales, and we are also streamlining home sale contracts and warning statements to simplify the process without removing safeguards.”

“No one questions the need for provisions to protect things like workers’ health and welfare, consumer rights and product safety, but there needs to be a measure of common sense to ensure bureaucratic paperwork isn’t portrayed as protection.” the Premier said.

“Our pledge before the election was to cut red tape and regulation by 20%, and to ensure there is a change in the culture of government from one that promotes red tape to one that actively reduces red tape.”

“Red tape, fees, levies and charges are draining $7 Billion out of our business community, each year.”

“That’s an increase of 30 % in just 5 years.” the Premier said.

“The burden and cost of this over-regulation on our business community drives up the cost for consumers.”

“After 20 years of Labor, Queensland now has more than 90,000 pages of regulation, and the LNP is determined to put an end to the over-regulation that is strangling small business.”

Mr. Newman said his government is committed to supporting the almost 400,000 small businesses employing less than 20 people as they make up over 95% of all Queensland businesses.

“This attack on red tape is another step in easing the burden for small business as part of our plan to grow a four-pillar economy and cut unemployment to 4% in six years.” the Premier said.


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