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Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews

Staying Safe And Dry On The Portarlington Ferry

Victor P Taffa

Taking a trip on the Portarlington ferry service will be safer and dryer with a re-elected Andrews Government to build a new covered walkway along the Portarlington Pier.

“As a Government, we said we’d deliver the Portarlington Safe Harbour project and guarantee a Portarlington to Docklands ferry service, and we have.” Premier Daniel Andrews said.

$15 Million Portarlington Safe Harbour project includes:

  • 2 rock breakwaters to the east and north of the pier,
  • 27 commercial berths serviced with water and electricity,
  • New 190-metre long concrete commercial berthing area.

“This has boosted the local aquaculture industry and increased tourism and economic growth across the Bellarine Peninsula, but there’s more to do.” Premier Andrews said.

A re-elected Andrews Government will invest $550,000 to build a new covered walkway from the beachfront to the ferry berths on Portarlington Pier.

“We said we’d deliver the Portarlington Safe Harbour project and guarantee ferry services to Docklands and we have but it’s a long walk from the ferry to the beach when it’s raining.” Premier Andrews said.

“Only Labor will build the walkway Portarlington Pier needs to keep passengers safe and dry between the ferry and the beach.”

This will make sure passengers stay dry and safe as they walk along the 190-metre long pier.

Tourism is an important part of the local economy and the number of people commuting to and from Melbourne by ferry will increase into the future.

This is why the Andrews Government is building upon the Portarlington service with a ferry trial between Geelong and Melbourne to give workers an alternative transport route.

“Safe harbour and the ferry service have been embraced by local residents, the aquaculture industry and tourists. They are contributing to jobs and tourism on the Bellarine Peninsula.” Member for Bellarine Lisa Neville said.

“Just like the dedicated ferry berth did, the covered walkway will enhance the experience for all ferry users.”


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