Premier Rann Insults The ACTU

Premier Rann Insults The ACTU

South Australia Opposition Leader Isobel Redmond

Rann Calls Union President A ‘Drongo’

Victor P Taffa

The ACTU President is a ‘drongo’, according to Labor Premier Mike Rann.

In Parliament today under heavy questioning from the Opposition regarding the benefits to SA of the Governments financial investments in the Puglia Region of Italy Premier Rann said:

“The government of the region of Apulia, which is about 4½ million people—I saw some drongo on the TV saying it was a tiny town; it is actually about 4½ million people, about the same as New South Wales…”



In Adelaide yesterday to protest the cuts to South Australian Public Servant entitlements Ms. Ged Kearney President of the ACTU said to TV media outlets that ‘it beggars belief that a relationship with a small country town in Italy would get a greater priority than Public Sector workers”.

“Premier Rann has displayed disdain for his trade union movement, disdain for SA public servants and disdain for SA tax payers.” Opposition Leader Isobel Redmond said.

“He and his Labor colleagues continue to avoid answering questions about the cost benefits to SA for his Government’s financial investment in Puglia, Italy.” Ms. Redmond said.

“They still have failed to explain why the Premier’s ‘Pet’ Puglia Projects have survived the 2010 slash and burn Budget when many other Programs and Services in Trade, Health and Education have been cut.”

“I wonder who South Australians think is the real ‘drongo?” Ms. Redmond asked.

Editor Victor P Taffa supported the retention of Train Drivers’ and Guards’ and ensuring that the RailCorp Network would not be broken up in favour of Metro Rail.

In the face of Mass Sackings by the New South Wales Government Editor Victor P Taffa supported the continuation of a Train being crewed by a Driver and Guard.

Expansion of the RailCorp Network is not an option but a necessity if Sydney and New South Wales is not going to grind to a halt.

As a Candidate for the State Seat of Newcastle at the 26 March New South Wales Election Editor Victor P  Taffa will stand and support the workers in the Coal, Electricity, Railway and Associated Industries.