Premier Opens Third Biggest Walnut Production Facility In Australia

Premier Opens Third Biggest Walnut Production Facility In Australia

Western Australia Premier Mark McGowan

Western Australia’s First Commercial Walnut Orchard Gets Cracking And Packing

Victor P Taffa

  • Australia’s third biggest walnut production facility, Omega Walnuts, opens in Manjimup
  • Premium and organic walnuts showcase the fresh Western Australian produce on offer
  • 110 tonnes of Western Australian locally grown walnuts to be harvested in 2018
  • Agricultural growth is a key plank in the McGowan Government’s plan to diversify the economy and create jobs

Western Australia’s first commercial walnut orchard, Omega Walnuts, will start putting its freshly harvested produce through its new Manjimup production facility today.

Premier Mark McGowan today visited the local family-run business to formally open its new production facility the third biggest walnut production facility in Australia.


“Omega Walnuts is a great local story which pays homage to fresh Western Australia produce and showcases what our South-West businesses have to offer.” Premier Mark McGowan said.

“Growing, harvesting and processing walnuts create jobs through orchard management, equipment maintenance, packing and shipping. It also has a flow-on effect to industries that support the wholesale and retail of these walnuts.”

December marks the start of the Christmas processing season where walnuts are cracked and packed to order to maintain their freshness.

Omega Walnuts is expecting to process up to 110 tonnes of premium and organic walnuts in 2018, grown on more than 23,000 trees across 65 ha in Manjimup and Nannup.

Most of Omega Walnuts’ produce is sold to the local market, however, the Western Australia business intends to further showcase its local produce in parts of Asia and the northern hemisphere.

More than 20 % of its Manjimup orchard is dedicated to innovation and agricultural research and development as it looks to expand into walnut oil production next year.