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The State Opposition today slammed the Minister for Health for fudging figures on workplace harassment and bullying of nurses within Queensland Health.

Ros Bates, the Liberal National Party Member for Mudgeeraba said Mr. Lucas’s cover up when answering a Question on Notice* shows Paul Lucas is not serious about addressing the issue of workplace bullying.

“Can the Minister explain the discrepancy between the Government’s responses of 38 grievances compared to figures obtained by the CMC that show there were 106 Victimisation/Harassment complaints?”  Ms. Bates asked.

“The CMC’s data reveals complaint levels almost three times the Government’s statistics.”

“This response smacks of Mr. Lucas’s spin doctors hard at work again at Queensland Health.” Ms. Bates said.

“I have had 55 nurses contact me directly during the past year complaining of bullying and intimidation.”

“If the Minister has nothing to hide then why is it that data obtained from the Crime and Misconduct Commission lists 534 complaints from Queensland Health staff for Victimization/Harassment, Sexual Misconduct, Official Conduct, Demeanour/Attitude as well as Corruption and Favouritism for the period 2009/2010 alone?” Ms. Bates asked.

“From the CMC’s total of 3,136 complaints covering all Government Departments, 1,118 complaints were from Queensland Health a level 610% higher than any other Department.”

“The Minister for Health needs to come clean on bullying in the workplace.”

“Lying about this sensitive issue proves to Queenslanders they have an uncaring Minister who not only has failed to pay our nursing staff but is actively fudging figures.” Ms. Bates said.

“The Opposition has made numerous applications to Queensland Health under the Freedom of Information Act and waits to find out the depth of the Minister’s maze of cover-ups.”

“Until this Labor Government learns to treat nurses and other health employees with the respect they deserve, there will continue to be a shortage of staff who wants to stay in positions within Queensland Health.”  Ms. Bates said.

QLD Shadow Minister for Health Mark McArdle

QLD Shadow Minister for Health Mark McArdle

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