Premier Must Put Queensland First

Premier Must Put Queensland First

Queensland Opposition Leader John-Paul Langbroek

LNP Challenges Bligh To Put Queensland’s Interests Ahead Of Labor’s Interests

Victor P Taffa

The LNP today called on Premier Bligh to step down as National ALP President if she was serious about protecting Queensland’s Mining Royalties from being plundered by the Federal Labor Government.

Opposition and LNP Leader, John-Paul Langbroek, said Ms. Bligh needed to start putting the interests of Queensland ahead of the interests of the Labor Party.

“Earlier this year the LNP moved a number of motions in Parliament to protect Queensland’s royalties from being plundered by the Federal Labor Government. Not only did Ms. Bligh oppose the LNP’s attempts to ensure Queensland’s Royalties stayed with Queensland, but she also directed every Labor MP to vote against safeguarding Queensland’s Mining Wealth.” Mr. Langbroek said.

“Now on the eve of an election year and with the Queensland’s economy driven into the ground by Labor’s debt and economic mismanagement, Ms. Bligh has finally decided to support the LNP’s calls to ensure Queensland’s royalties are protected.”

“If Ms. Bligh is serious about her opposition to this tax deal, she will say to Julia Gillard that she will resign as the National President of the Labor Party if our state’s royalties are not protected.” Mr. Langbroek said.

“Refusal to do so will mean Queenslanders know for sure that Ms. Bligh will always put Labor’s political interests ahead of Queensland’s economic interests.”

“Queenslanders are all too familiar with Bligh’s lies and can recognise when she makes panic driven election-eve rhetoric.” Mr. Langbroek said.